Numis Cufflinks is an Irish-owned, Irish-based designer and retailer that combines ‘matched’ pairs of genuine, vintage coins and stylish cufflinks that can be worn by both ladies and gentlemen. There are currently three ranges available :-

Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. First attested in the English language in 1829, the word numismatics comes from the adjective numismatic, meaning “of coins”.

  • It was borrowed in 1792 from French numismatiques, itself a derivation from Late Latin numismatis, genitive of numisma, a variant of nomisma meaning “coin”.
  • Nomisma is a latinisation of the Greek νόμισμα (nomisma) which means “current coin/custom”, which derives from νομίζω (nomizō), “to hold or own as a custom or usage, to use customarily”, in turn from νόμος (nomos), “usage, custom”, ultimately from νέμω (nemō), “I dispense, divide, assign, keep, hold”.

Coin collecting may have existed in ancient times. Caesar Augustus gave “coins of every device, including old pieces of the kings and foreign money” as Saturnalia gifts.

  • It is interesting to note that, from an Irish perspective, Roman coins were found by archaeologists inside the tomb at Newgrange – the Romans may not have colonised Ireland but they certainly visited it.
  • There are many Roman burial sites in Ireland and there is even the remains of a Roman trading fort at Drumanagh, in North Co Dublin.

Numis Cufflinks combines stylish cufflink design with genuine coins, ranging from the decimal coinage before the introduction of the Euro in 2002 to the pre-decimal coinage of the 1960’s back to the formation of the days of the Irish Free State.

  • They are, in effect, little pieces of real history since they circulated and were actually used by people at the time of many important historical events in Ireland and elswhere
  • They make great birthday, graduation, wedding and anniversary gifts
  • Or, you can just buy a pair for yourself !


  1. email us at: numis.cufflinks@gmail.com
  2. please state the coin + year that you require


Coin Cufflinks - 3d Irish Hare (Logo 1)

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